Helpful Questions

Signs & Symptoms of Alcohol or Substance Addiction

  • Have you had consequences that are negative due to your drinking or drug use?
  • Have loved ones been concerned about your drinking/drug use?
  • Have you told yourself you are going to quit or cut down and been able to?
  • Has your drinking or drug use increased over time?
  • Have you experienced using until you pass out or suffered blackouts?
  • Has your use hurt you financially?
  • Do you notice it takes a while to recover after day/night of using?
  • Have you engaged in binge use over time?
  • Have you found yourself doing or saying things you wouldn’t have, had you not been using?
  • Do you find yourself often planning or obsessing about your next use?
  • Do you neglect responsibilities as a result of your using?
  • Do you find that you use more than you planned or intended to?
  • Have your relationships suffered as a result of using?
  • Has your physical health been jeopardized at any time buy alcohol/drug use?
  • Have you had withdrawal symptoms such as depression, anxiety, cravings, shakiness..?
  • Have you found yourself hiding your use from others or lying about your use?
  • Do you tend to rationalize or minimize ill effects of using?

If you honestly answered yes to 2 or more, this may be a sign of a developing abuse/addiction.

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